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Are you tired...
of paying your power company too much money every month?

Are you aware...
that the future of energy generation is not coal and fossil fuels, but more renewable sources of energy?

Are you looking...
for a place where you and your family can create a more promising tomorrow by using natural, renewable, sources of energy today?

Solar panels, solar power, fuel cells, hydrogen, and wind generation are our future!

Want to know answers to questions like:

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Solar energy and solar power concepts have been around for thousands of years...perhaps originating as early as Ancient China!

Today, nearly 6,000 years later, more population is creating more demand for electrical power and oil consumption, and with energy costs rising, solar power makes a lot of sense.  With everything from solar panels to solar-powered transportation, modern technology makes the use of our sun's energy a greater reality than it has ever been before.

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Solar Plans and products.  How do solar panels work
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If you have a solar home plan that you would like us to feature for you, please let us know. We'd be happy to talk with you about marketing your solar home plan, earning some additional income, and helping people to design more effective solar homes.



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