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Why is Alternative Energy Important in Mississippi?

There is a timely continuum of our national agenda for alternative energy. With the current War on Terrorism, we are reminded of the tremendous implications of relying upon foreign nations for our oil and gas needs.

There is an immediate need for Mississippi to develop an alternative energy strategic plan, while utilizing our existing natural resources. By developing a variety of energy sources, we will maximize our choices for domestic energy production, without overusing our existing energy sources. We are also using resources that were otherwise byproducts.

Mississippi's dependence on oil and gas may limit growth opportunities for the future. Currently, the United States imports approximately 56% of the oil it consumes, while the domestic market slowly declines. Expanding our domestic energy production in Mississippi will help future growth opportunities for the state. It has the potential to spur new industries in Mississippi, thus creating new jobs and improving our infrastructure.

Mississippi can be a leader in the alternative energy research and production markets. We have the resources, the technology, and the expertise. It is only natural that Mississippi capitalize on these strengths and emerge as a leader in the alternative energy industry.

The petroleum supply is expected to peak in 10 years and then decline, thus leading to further price increases. Therefore, it is imperative that we decrease our dependence on traditional sources of energy, and look towards other sources to meet our increasing needs.

Mississippi has Golden Opportunity to Advance Alternative Energy Technologies

We have excellent research, development and manufacturing capabilities.
There is outstanding cutting-edge research that is being conducted at some of our top universities, such as The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, The University of Southern Mississippi and Jackson State University.

We have market accessibility.

We have an abundant supply of natural resources and byproducts.

We have 13% of our nation's lignite coal reserves.

We have an abundance of wood waste from our forest products industries.

We have tremendous potential in the area of biomass technology.

We have plentiful resources of biomass from cotton and other agricultural industries.

We have a strong agricultural/forestry climate and abundant land resources.
We also have excellent resources for geothermal, solar, and wind power.

From http://www.msenergy.ms/

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