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Awesome resources on the Internet to get more solar information.
Welcome to the enjoyment of going green! Want to go green in your life? Want simple plans for how to be more green?
It's simple. Visit

Solar Cells on eBay
If you want to buy solar cells, we find that eBay frequently has some sells who are offering good deals on solar cells.

Pretty much every motor in the world (including those used in home wind turbines) uses principles of magnetism to generate electricity. The problem is that magnets can be expensive and difficult to find the sizes that you're looking for. Not anymore. Visit Magnets4Less to find exactly what you are looking for at great prices.

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Maine Solar House
Welcome to the Maine solar House. Our website is filled with information on how we harvest FREE energy from the sun! Why pay for home electricity and heating...
Roofus' Solar Home
Great resources for teachers.
American Solar Energy Society, Inc. (ASES)
Solar House Plans
Texas Solar Energy Society
The hands-on Journal of home-made power
Tips and tricks for energy resources

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Solar energy and solar power concepts have been around for thousands of years, perhaps originating as early as Ancient China.

Today, nearly 6,000 years later, more population is creating more demand for electrical power, and with energy costs rising, solar power makes a lot of sense.  With everything from solar panels to solar-powered transportation, modern technology makes the use of our sun's energy a greater reality than it has ever been before.

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