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Batteryless flashlight LED flashlight

Magnet-Magic Batteryless Flashlight

Look Mom!  A Batteryless Flashlight!  I guess you might call it the forever flashlight! just shake this batteryless flashlight, and you have LED light!

Have you ever fumbled in the darkness for a flashlight during a power outage only to discover that you were batteryless?

Have you ever hung out in the garage, needing bright LED light to work on a car, only to find that your flashlight was less than what you had hoped for

Quit getting less light than you need. 

You'll never have to worry about these situations again with the Magnetic Battery Free Rechargeable Flashlight. That's because it doesn't require batteries!

Here are the batteryless instructions:

Shake flashlight for 50 seconds and you will recharge this LED flashlight for up to 4 minutes of continuous LED bright light. Imagine the money you'll save by not having to replace a battery of any kind.

The flashlight is one of the most important emergency lifesaving devices ever created. Think about it. Have you ever seen a policeman, fireman or medic without their flashlight? Not likely.

Now think about a batteryless flashlight that never dies.  It's a flashlight that is rechargeable at any time.  Just shake it for LED light.

Now you can have one of the most needed emergency products ever, in the most reliable way. Imagine exploring the attic or crawling under the house to fix something without fear of ever running out of light. Leave it unused in you car's glove box for years with complete peace of mind.

No need to worry about your flashlight battery if your car dies during a dark and stormy night. You'll be in great shape even if you have to signal for help in the pouring rain.  Just shake!

The No Battery Flashlight gives you a powerful beam of LED light visible for up to a mile. A flashlight that never needs batteries, replacement parts or bulbs for that matter. If only everything in life were as reliable as the Magnetic Flashlight. Now that's peace of mind!

Measures: 11.5 long x 1.5 diameter.

Yes, gimme a batteryless led flashlight.

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