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Auto Vent II Solar Powered car ventilator

Solar Powered Car Vent
II Solar Multi-Power

You'll never have to return to an oven-hot car interior again. Our solar powered car ventilator will cool your car down on the hottest days.

Even on an average 85 degree summer day a car sitting in intense direct sunlight for a just a few hours can heat up to a scorching 160 degrees. We all experience it every summer.

You park on the hot asphalt parking lot at the mall and after only two hours soaking up the sunís rays our cars become virtual ovens. You open the car door and nearly suffocate. On some days it gets hot enough to fry an egg on your dashboard!

Forget for a moment how much the heat damages your interior. Most people don't realize the health risks involved when entering a sweltering automobile. Consider that the moment you step into your car the temperature on an extremely hot day can get over 180 degrees. Breathing that type of intense heat can damage your lungs. Everything you touch burns like a hot plate.

Just imagine what that does to your car day after day. Intense heat cracks your dashboard and vinyl or, worse yet, your expensive leather seats. How many of us leave our valuables in our car for even short periods of time? CD's, Laptops or PDA's frying or melting in oven like conditions.

And nothing is more frightening than putting young kids on fiery hot seats. With the Autovent you'll save yourself from furnace-like conditions. It cools your car down while you're away by sucking out the stale hot air and re-circulating cooler air from outside. It also means that your air conditioning takes less time to cool down the interior, especially in large SUVs. Save yourself and your car from the sweltering heat with the AutoVent Turbo fan.

Get two and really feel the cooling effects!

Yes, I never want to roast in my car again!





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