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BatterySAVER SE 6W Solar Powered Battery ChargerBatterySAVER SE 6W Solar Powered Battery Charger

The BatterySAVER SE 6W slowly charges larger 12V deep-cycle batteries - protecting them through long storage periods. The BatterySAVER SE 6W connects in seconds - and keeps your battery fully topped off when your vehicle or boat is not in use.

It even works well under low-light conditions. The BatterySAVER SE 6W is a worry-free maintenance solution - because it will never overcharge your battery and includes built-in discharge protection.

BatterySAVER SE 6W Features: Includes built-in discharge protection Charges your RV or boat battery via your connection of choice (complete accessory wire set included) Verify sunlight exposure by the push of a button (Blue LED)

Easily install multiple panels when you need more power (Plug'n'Play side connector to facilitate panel-to-panel installation) Works outdoors under extreme weather conditions such as hail - snow - or elevated temperatures.

BatterySAVER SE 6W Specifications:
Item Number: 04028
Power Rating* 6W (400 mA @ 15V)
Operating Temperature-40F to 140F / -40C to 60C
Warranty: 5-year

Accessories included:    
Extension power cable (10ft / 3m)    
Panel-to-panel jumper cable (1ft / 0.3m)    
O-ring connector wire (1.5ft / 0.46m)    
Battery clamp wire (1.5ft / 0.46m)    
Male CLA adapter cable (1.5ft / 0.46m)    
Female 12V socket cable (1.5ft / 0.46m)    
Mounting stainless screws (4) 

Amorphous silicon - resin coated plate - ABS plastic frame - two plug'n'play side connectors - test push button and blue LED

Weights: (lb/kg) 3.3 / 1.5 Unit Dimensions (in/mm) 14.76 x 14.17 x 1 / 375 x 360 x 26.

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