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Plug'n'Play High-Power Solar Battery ChargerPlug'n'Play High-Power Solar Battery Charger

SOLARPRO PLUG'N'PLAY HIGH-POWER SOLAR BATTERY CHARGERS are great.  This is because they use the sun's free energy to power your DC appliances.

That means you can power appliances and other regular DC plug electronics that conventional low-wattage chargers can't, with the plug right on top of the charger!

This includes things like lights, refrigerators, TVs, VCRs, satellite dishes, microwaves, and more!

Enjoy all the conveniences of home, when you're on the go, because these chargers provide clean, quiet, dependable power anywhere that the sun shines!  They install in seconds, are maintenance free, and come complete with everything you need:

  • 7-amp charge controller

  • built-in LED display (indicates level of charge in battery storage)

  • all necessary wiring and mounting equipment (minimal)

They are weatherproof, as well as rustproof.  They are built with a shock-resistant aluminum frame, and have built-in discharge protection.

They are also easily upgraded with additional panels (not included), which are great because they can be added without any wiring!

They also come with a great lifetime power warranty, so if you ever have any problems (which you won't) with these solar panel chargers, you can rest assured knowing that you are backed by a great warranty!

They come in all sizes, so learn more about the Plug'n'Play High-Power Solar Battery Charger for possible purchase, or go back to our Solar Battery Chargers section.

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