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Solar Sensor LightSolar Sensor Light
Most solar sensor lights are constructed in one piece, so the lamp must be placed in the same location as the solar collector. But with this unit, the solar collector can be placed on the roof (or area with most sunlight) and the lamp can be installed under a porch, eave or other location up to fourteen feet away.

The light and motion sensor are both adjustable for ideal positioning. Activated automatically by heat or motion, the light will shine a bright halogen beam on any moving object up to 30 feet away.

Built to perform under any weather conditions, the unit has an industrial-grade, powerful Siemens solar panel; its b battery stores enough energy for up to 10 days of operation with no sun. Mounts easily on any secure surface in minutes ; halogen bulb, mounting hardware and instructions are included. 6" H x 7" W x 8" L. (5 lbs.)

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