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Solar Power Backpack

The Solar power Backpack

The Solar Power Backpack

Three rugged panels made from high-efficiency German solar cells turn this lightweight backpack into a mobile power source to charge electronic gear wherever you go.

A solar-powered lithium ion battery pack provides a constant charge for cell phones, two-way radios, GPS devices, PDAs, cameras, and iPods®, all of which can be stored in 1,650" cu. of internal compartments.

The waterproof panels are positioned to articulate with the wearer’s movement, and they supply up to 4 watts of power to the battery pack, which stores more than enough power to fully charge a cell phone or iPod. The Solar power backpack can really help meet all of your computing mobile power needs.

Includes built-in car charger socket (a standard automobile charger is all that is needed to recharge a small device), USB adapter, three popular phone adapters, and seven universal adaptors. Included AC and car chargers also allow non-solar recharging. UV-resistant 840D nylon padded with high-density foam. Imported. 20 1/2” H x 16 1/2” W x 8" D. (3 1/2 lbs.)

The Solar Backpack





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