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Fail-Safe World Band Solar Powered RadiosFail-Safe World Band Solar Powered Radio

With four ways to keep its NiCad batteries charged, this world band solar powered radio is fail-safe in case of an emergency.



  • Its self-contained solar cell lets the radio be powered whenever it is placed in direct sunlight. Or, three hours of sunlight powers the solar cell for up to six hours of playing time—ideal in a power blackout situation and for outdoors at night.

  • The unit also has an internal, dynamo-power generator; five minutes of turning the handle produces over an hour of powered radio time.

  • The solar powered radio can also be plugged into standard power, like a household outlet (AC/DC, 12 volt wall adapter, included) or a car’s cigarette lighter (adapter included).

  • The solar powered radio's 11 bands allow tuning to: the National Weather Service, foreign broadcasts, local radio and TV programs, as well as monitoring police, ambulance or pilot communications.

  • With four AA NiCad lifetime rechargeable batteries (included); fully charged they will operate the radio for approximately seven hours of continuous play.

A warning light indicates when batteries are low. FCC approved. Also includes earplugs and an “Emergency Weather Preparedness Booklet” compiled in cooperation with the National Weather Service and the American Red Cross. 5 1/2" H x 9" W x 3" D.

Fail-Safe World Band Radio

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