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The French Resort Solar Shower SceneThe French Resort Solar Shower
Make a scene in this solar shower!

It's kind of hard not to have a shower scene in this shower.  After all, you are in the scene.  You are in plain sight of everyone as you take your shower.

Or not.  Solar shower scene

It all depends on where you place the French Resort Solar Shower.  It could go great in a nice secluded area, but could also work very well on a beach property or next to a backyard pool.

(Personally, we think that this model could make for a pretty steamy outdoor shower scene, but you might just want to use it to rinse off after getting out of the pool.  Whatever you use it for is fine by us!)

Imported from France and used at exclusive resorts and private homes along the French Riviera and throughout Europe, this outdoor shower easily connects to your garden hose and uses the sun to warm up to 5 1/2 gallons of water for rinsing off sand, chlorine and sun products.

A built-in modular solar panel along its back side heats the water in its solar collection tube to temperatures up to 130° Fahrenheit.

Operating like a regular shower, its two chrome-plated valves allow you to adjust the water temperature from warm to cold (cold water is delivered directly via the garden hose), for your desired temperature. It delivers 100 pounds per square inch of warm water pressure. The shower’s base mounts to wood or cement flooring with three bolts (not included).

Lacquered galvanized steel frame; chrome-plated taps and swiveling shower head. Collection tube is polyester with an EPDM inner liner. We show the shower bolted on a concrete slab for stability. 7' H x 4 3/8" W x 4 3/8" D. (33 lbs.) Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Go ahead!  Make a solar shower scene!

If you do, can we post the movie on

Make your own shower scene with the French Resort Solar Shower!





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